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Royal Neighbors of America offer an excellent Final Expense product with immediate underwriting decision at the point of sale. Face to face is not required, so it can be sold over the phone. They also offer a full line of extremely competitive fully underwritten products including annuities


Final Expense Product Highlights (pdf)


  • Rated A- by A.M. Best
  • Use a Traditional or Paperless Voice Signature Application

    • Sample Application (pdf)

    • Paperless Worksheet (pdf)

  • Annual Incentive Trip (pdf)

  • SIWL/GDB from $3,000-$25,000 for ages 50-85

  • No Height & Weight Limits

  • Short Rx Prescription List (pdf)

  • Advanced Commissions Paid Daily

  • Insulin dependent and diabetic MAY qualify if diagnosed after age 30.

  • Immediate underwriting decision at point of sale interview.

  • Highly Competitive Premiums

  • Graded Death Benefit Also Available

    • Year 1 Death Benefit: 30% of Face Value

    • Year 2 Death Benefit: 70% of Face Value

    • Year 3: Full Death Benefit


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