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Government Personnel Mutual

This company carries simplified issue products.

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Highlights of the company include daily commission payouts, ensuring agents have access to their earnings promptly. Agents also benefit from a $40 lead bonus for each qualifying application, further enhancing their potential earnings. Our rates are among the lowest in the industry, offering competitive advantages for both agents and clients. Additionally, agents enjoy exclusive perks such as the "Quick Start" bonus, deferred compensation, and $40 lead reimbursement, providing valuable incentives for their hard work and dedication.



GPM offers a range of plans including Simplified Issue Whole Life (SIWL), graded benefit, and modified benefit plans to suit diverse needs. Our agent deferred compensation plan includes a generous 50% company matching contribution, ensuring agents can secure their financial future. Various rider options are available, including a 20-year level term rider, providing flexibility and additional coverage options. Furthermore, they extend participating whole life plans for individuals aged 0-75, ensuring comprehensive coverage and investment opportunities for all stages of life.

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