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Prosperity Life

This company offers simplified issue products.

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The company offers competitive first-year commissions and mandates errors and omissions coverage for agents. Our diabetes-friendly underwriting accommodates applicants, and we maintain consistent commission rates across policies. With attractive rates for all ages and coverage specifically tailored for ages 55 to 80, our policies offer flexibility with face amounts from $5,000 to $35,000. We accept convenient payment methods and consider smoker status only for cigarette use. Agents benefit from daily commission payouts, ensuring efficient compensation.


Simplified Issue Product

Our simplified issue product utilizes underwriting based on application health questions, MIB, and prescription drug checks, ensuring a streamlined process for applicants. Height and weight criteria must be met by all applicants for eligibility. Some applicants may be randomly selected for personal history interviews to further assess suitability. For a swift one-appointment sale process, we offer Apptical for Point of Sale Approval, facilitating quick coverage approval. Additionally, the product offers an Accidental Death Benefit rider available at 1X the base coverage amount, applicable for all three plan types. The proposed insured must be age 74 or younger at the time of application, and the rider expires at age 75.


New Vista

Introducing our New Vista Whole Life Series, specifically designed for the senior market, offering simplified issue whole life products. Customers can qualify for Level, Graded, or Modified plans based on their health history, ensuring suitability for diverse needs. Issue ages range from 50 to 80 for all plan tiers, with coverage amounts ranging from $1,500 to $35,000 ($35,000 aggregate max for multiple Final Expense policies, $5,000 to $35,000 in WA). Billing options include Direct Bill (annual, semi-annual, quarterly) and EFT and Direct Express MasterCard (annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly). Policy fees vary based on the premium mode, with annual fees set at $40.00, semi-annual at $20.60, quarterly at $10.60, and monthly at $3.60, offering flexibility and convenience for policyholders.


Death Benefits

The insurance plans offer varying death benefits tailored to individual needs. The Level Plan provides a death benefit matching the face amount from the outset. The Graded Plan offers incremental death benefits over the first two years before reaching the face amount. The Modified Plan's death benefit increases in the initial years before stabilizing at the face amount. Additionally, all plans include Accidental Death coverage from the start. An Accelerated Death Benefit allows for up to 50% of the death benefit in case of Terminal Illness, except in California where it is unavailable.

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